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The story behind the
Jimmy Greaves Foundation

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to visit Dad’s special home here at the Jimmy Greaves Foundation. I promise you he'll be thrilled to know you're thinking of him. Our aim on this exclusive website is to create space and a place where people can support the Jimmy Greaves Foundation and possibly receive something in return. If you would like to make a donation in Jimmy’s name, it would be greatly appreciated. Every penny after expenses goes towards the causes chosen by Dad. To encourage you to return often to this website we will be featuring monthly auctions and raffles, so that you and all visitors can bid and maybe win some unique memorabilia. Please register, so that we can keep in touch and let you know what great prizes are on offer. Once again, thank you for your support. Our simple aim is to keep alive the Greavsie spirit. Good luck with the bidding and your raffle tickets.

Warm regards,
Danny & Andy.

Causes chosen by dad

Alcoholics Anonymous

Our Foundation is proud and privileged to support the aims and commitment of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is no secret that my Dad, Jimmy, had huge problems with his addiction to drinking when he hung up his football boots after breaking all the goal-scoring records. Thanks to the encouragement and discipline that he received as an AA member, he was able to beat the bottle and turn his life around and start a new career as a television personality. Jimmy was a lost soul until Alcholics Anonymous showed him there was a better way to lead his life, and our Foundation – with the Greavsie wit and warmth at its heart – is happy to promote a cause that is both noble and inspiring. Please go here for more details: https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk

Stroke Association

The Foundation’s link with The Stroke Association follows on naturally after the awful way Dad has been affected by his severe stroke of 2015. We are determined to bring into the spotlight the far-reaching work of the Stroke Association in dealing with one of the biggest killers of them all. More than 100,000 people have strokes every year and a person is stricken by a stroke every five minutes of the day. Jimmy’s quality of life has been wrecked by his stroke, and his Football Foundation wants to keep alive the impact he had on the game as one of the greatest of all players. Our objective is to work in Jimmy’s name with the Stroke Association to bring to public awareness the seriousness of a stroke and what can be done to, hopefully, avoid it. Please go here for more details: https://www.stroke.org.uk

Dogs Trust

All his life, Dad has believed in the saying, ‘A man’s best friend is his dog.’ He reckons he has walked more miles with his dogs over the years than he covered on his runs on the football pitch! His love of dogs became legendary during the 1962 World Cup finals when he famously went down on his knees to lovingly collect a stray dog that had invaded the pitch during England’s World Cup quarter-final against Brazil. His reward was that the dog relieved itself down his England shirt as he passed it over to a groundsman. After the match, the great Brazilian winger Garrincha adopted the dog and called it, “Greavsie”. We recognise Jimmy’s love of dogs by supporting The Local Dog Trust, a wonderful organisation that cares for dogs everywhere. Please go here for more details: www.dogstrust.org.uk/

‘Dad scoring his famous goal against Manchester United with the great Georgie Best, Bobby Charlton, Nobby Stiles and Alan Gilzean all looking on’

‘Dad making his debut for Chelsea, ironically at White Hart Lane against the Spurs’

‘Dad greeting his big pal, Dave McKay, with Bobby Charlton and Gordon Banks looking on’